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Black & White HOF Signed Plaques Set

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In this day and age, when our venerable Hobby seems to have already seen it all, there are few opportunities to unveil a blockbuster discovery. But here's one: Unbeknownst to pretty much anyone, a devoted collector on the West Coast has spent decades quietly assembling the unthinkable—a complete set of the 50 possible signatures for black-and-white Hall of Fame plaque postcards. The crown jewel Ruth? Check. The near-mythical Grover Cleveland Alexander? Check. Rarities like Eddie Collins, Jesse Burkett and Tom Connolly? Check, check and check. Not to mention highly sought-after subjects Cobb, Wagner, Lajoie, Young, Speaker, Foxx, Mack, Vance, Robinson, Wallace, Dean and Simmons. Yes, every last one is accounted for, and every last one will/has come to auction in these very pages over the next 6 months. Approximately half were sold in February, this half in May, and finally the great Babe in August, when he will be on display with us at the National Convention in Chicago. But lo and behold, there's more: Every single postcard is also encapsulated. It's both a complete set AND a completely encapsulated set. Most of the holders are PSA (including high-grade MINT 9 examples), with some SGC also in the mix. We could not be more proud or excited to bring this one-of-a-kind, once-in-a-lifetime collection to the market!