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Signed Sports Illustrated Collection

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Since its inaugural issue on August 16th 1954, Sports Illustrated has been interwoven into the fabric of American sports culture. From iconic covers to fabulous photography to wonderful articles written about the most dramatic and important sports moments of the last 7 decades. It is no wonder that these magazines have become highly sought after and collectible over the years. By the 1960ís 98% of all issues were mailed to the home and had mailing labels affixed to the front cover. For this reason, collectors covet newsstand (no mailing label) issues. These beautiful covers have become a popular medium for autograph seekers to get signed. The next 32 lots are from an advanced collector who after 20 + years of dedication and perseverance has decided it is time for others to enjoy these treasured issues. Some of the covers were signed at card shows, many of the more obscure autographs were obtained by mail or in person. Collections of this magnitude rarely come up for sale. We will let you determine what they are worth. Enjoy!